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  1. Mostly amused, because I caught on to the behaviour early on in one of my colonies. I saw how they'd always go first for one battery, and if that one was down, they'd go for the one next to it -- Neither of which were any longer the slightest affecting my power network for anything in the near vicinity. I did want to get rid of those two batteries to leave it as free space for potentialyl something else, but after seeing how the Dupes were lured to that as magnets, left it in for safety.
  2. Seems you're really having a few issues dealing with the priority system. What you can try in that situation, aside not having digging on priority 9, is when you're setting the order to deconstruct to set the priority to 9 (It's available when you use the deconstruct tool, but can't change it on the priority overlay I believe). Also, in that specific case, what might have been your problem is that sand block that fell in the way. It puts the Dupes out of range, so you would also need to give the order to dig that sand block. Dupes will simply ignore orders that they can't accomplish but don't give you a specific warning - But if you hover the cursor over a tile that you either set to dig or deconstruct or something, it will state if it's unreachable. That said: These kind of things will hopefully be sorted down along the road. Thankfully there's some tolerance mechanics in place to prevent these situations from being more common, but they become a bit annoying when things like these happen out of sight, and it takes a while for you to get a warning that a Dupe is suffocating or something. For the while being it relies on the player calculating what might happen in consequence of their decisions.. terrain giving in.. collection of items beyond a point your closing off.. so on.
  3. Point taken, suppose till this moment I hadn't worked with some of these ideas. (Though I hadn't quite grasped the terrarium thing until some earlier post, so that's going to change) I'd be kind of OK with this! I mean, I'll find way to make this work, just means I use a pond instead of a sink, but I guess it was mostly the size of the building that surprised me.
  4. Unfortunately also takes away the versatility. Only one Dupe pulling water at a time per station, the stations are humongous so you can't make little sinks in the base beside the stuff that'll use water. Not that I can't see a reason for this idea, I just hope this wasn't a forced solution to Dupes fetching water at the wrong places, because that was never a problem. Hope that at least we can stockpile water bottles ahead of time.
  5. I am not sure if this is useful for the situation, or applicable at all as I may have understood it wrongly, but was there not someone who made some application (Onion?) that could get the map seed and then forcefully apply it to the map generation?
  6. Stress tolerance?

    Thanks for the sheet, suppose it helps confirm what I thought was the meaning, but.. So, quite a few of the dupes are getting the "I am sick" expression, though I am unsure what is causing that. Liceloaf based diet , mostly pure oxygen except if I have to push deeper in one side of the base, no actual sicknesses like hypothermia or spores or anything... so what are the most likely causes for that to show up? And stress has certainly always been below 60, 55% was the very peak during a more careless moment where I just didn't calculate the impact of exposed heavy wiring. Thought the forced interrupt sleep was something already overcome, so wasn't trying to rely too much on the re-loading the game to correct it since it could have legitimate reasons.
  7. Hello all, So, in a new game where all my pooled knowledge finally pushed me past cycle 100, have a decent stock of food, oxygen seems secure, nearly zeroed my coal stock but the power crysis was averted and has been nicely balanced, while I prepare some gas cooling to put an end to the problems brought onto me by a steam geyser I had been tapping water from (Reservoir in a ice biome just beside the geyser, started nice, then eventually I was storing 75º water). So, things are going pretty smooth and even stress is kind of under control with one or other Dupe a bit more panicky. However what I had been dealing with for most of my game were Dupes constantly dropping stuff doing some emote like if they are sick or something (not sure if this is stress related), walking all the way to one place having some panic attack and going to the other side of the base and forgetting the task they were doing. And even now I keep having Dupes waking up (This last cycle, 4 at the same time) in the middle of the night be their stress 2% or 20%, while they're all enjoying their little separate rooms full to the brim with pure oxygen. Is there any particular reason for this? Is this stress? If so, is it only at absolute 0 that they don't have panic attacks or whatever is happening? Not only it isn't all that practical to keep their stress at 0 once their level is high enough to demand a constant decor of 50, if even 5% can cause this so frequently it seems a bit absurd how many times a dupe can fail to accomplish a basic delivery task.