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  1. Just curious if there are any other collectors out there for the items. I have a plush collection that I intend to complete since all of them are so cute, and fluffy. Dubby beefalo is the star of this collection. I also have a figure collection. It does include Humble Wilson which is the star of the figure collection.
  2. Noticed that there was a sale in the klei store for 20% plus a free lanyard. Is anyone buying stuff? I bought a blue chester to make progress on my DS plush collection. It will sit next to my most prized plush so far:



  3. Wtb Limited Items

    Looking to make a complete collection of the plushes and figures. If you have a limited figure that is not sold in the klei store currently and is neither humble Wilson or Dubby beefalo, I am interested. I will prefer to make the purchase through eBay so that we both have protection through PayPal from fraud.
  4. My recommendation: sell your item on the steam market before the steam summer sale. Pretty much all items drop in price during the sale since people want steam money for games, so you can get more bang for your buck.
  5. I already have the crabbit backpack so now I just need deerclops...