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  1. Just curious if there are any other collectors out there for the items. I have a plush collection that I intend to complete since all of them are so cute, and fluffy. Dubby beefalo is the star of this collection. I also have a figure collection. It does include Humble Wilson which is the star of the figure collection.
  2. Noticed that there was a sale in the klei store for 20% plus a free lanyard. Is anyone buying stuff? I bought a blue chester to make progress on my DS plush collection. It will sit next to my most prized plush so far:



  3. Wtb Limited Items

    Looking to make a complete collection of the plushes and figures. If you have a limited figure that is not sold in the klei store currently and is neither humble Wilson or Dubby beefalo, I am interested. I will prefer to make the purchase through eBay so that we both have protection through PayPal from fraud.