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  1. Tried, but still didn't work, I think I'm going to have to wait until theres a new up to date tutorial on heandslot_equitable creation
  2. Hello, maybe this is a stupid question, maybe not, not I'm going to ask it. I've had problems for a while now with the adjustment/editing of .tex files. First, I took mods and renamed everything to the new name of the model, and adjusted the .tex file (by changing it to a .png, edits done in Photoshop, and then converted back to .tex). But after doing this it wouldn't display in the character's hand in game, or on the ground when dropped. So, to see if it was a conversion error when renaming everything I tried again, this time by using a mod and keeping the original name of everything. So I took the .tex files, did the same method of editing, and kept the original file name, but it still didn't load in game, still "invisible." And thirdly,I took a file from a mod, and simple added some bright red pixels on it using the same editing method, and loaded up the game, and even just this made it "invisible," so I'm wondering if there was a conversion error, or editing mistake I made. I haven't included the files for the mods and my edits because it would be a long list, with explanations for each file and what it is, but I can provide them on request if someones willing to look through the mess that I've made. So, my question is just this "If I were to use the said method, (.tex to png, png to photoshop, png then to .tex) is there something I'm missing to get it to work? Spriter doesn't seem to be made for being used to make items, and I'm not sure what type of files it takes as an import to use on projects, and I'm not sure if the other Don't Starve Mod Tools are much use for this either (also not sure what BuildRenamer does, as it seemingly doesn't accept any time of file I can find). Maybe these are some dumb questions, but I can't find the answers anywhere, and I keep getting redirected to the same page that has dated links and downloads thats filled with comments discussing that very thing: it's dated. So, any help or answers to these questions would be appreciated, maybe I'm just hopeless." TL;DR Kinda rant, not sure if my method of editing is flawed or if I'm missing something when making a new .tex for a mod
  3. I haven't ever done a build rename, much less a working mod, here's what I have so far, the atlas-0.tex is the new one I just made, I just kept everything named spear Spear-Gladius.zip
  4. Okay, and to make the mod using a Build Rename what else do I need? As in, what's the formatting for the folders and other necessary items?
  5. Okay, would this reskin of the spear .tex file work? tryin2g.tex atlas-0.tex
  6. Could I just take the spear file from the game, ajust the .tex file, take everything else, use Build Rename and then export it?
  7. Okay, I tried doing the second method you mentioned: On a new project, I kept the name of everything the same as the original mod, only changing the .tex files and .png files, but it still didn't work :/ Thanks again for all your help! GladiusTry.zip
  8. I've been trying to make a working mod for a few days now (Very simple premise, just re-illustrate a design for a weapon) , so I'll lay this trial and error down, 1.) Found a Mod on Steam I'd Use as template a.) Link HERE 2.) Opened the .zip files 3.) Converted the .tex files into .png files using Matt's Tools 4.) Used Photoshop to edit the .png files to what I wanted them to look like, keeping the dimmensions 5.) Used Matt's Tools to convert the .png files back into .tex files 6.) Re-.ziped the files 7.) Finallized by placing file into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together\mods 8.) Lauched game, made a game with ONLY that mod (the one I had just reillistrated) 9.) Crafted said item, doesn't show, and had a glitched image when held in cursor: a.) Here b.) And here 10.) Wondered if it was original mod 11.) Launched another game with only the original mod I used as a template 12.) No problems, worked fine 13.) ????? So, any help would be appreciated, I'll leave the .zip of the mod in question here, maybe someone can find something, Cheers! GladiusTry.zip
  9. Oh, you asked how I made the .tex: I took the .tex from the machete mod, conveted it into .png, opened it into photoshop, and then finished it, exported it into .png, and then used Matt's Tools to make it into a .tex It's a little crude, but I thought it would work xD
  10. Okay, I think I'm getting this, here's the Gladius.lua file, its based off of this mod:Machete Now, these lines you've posted above go into the Prefab.lua file correct? (For this one, Gladius.lua) As of right now, what do I need to do it fix it? Is there anywhere else I can read up on how to do this? Extra reading material is always good! ;D gladius.lua
  11. Hello! I have recently attempted to make a mod, a simple weapon/tool mod, and after some time I got it to eventually load with the game, only problem is: it doesn't display anything in hand or on the ground when dropped. Heres the anim file and modinfo and modmain: anim.zip modinfo.lua modmain.lua