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  1. I thought of an interesting concept to consider in real life. This game has me understanding and loving to tweak and play with basic Science principles, liquid and gas dynamics, heat problems and so many other interesting concepts. Given this game awesome gameplay that has you sometimes making everyone puke to get more water, or different out of the box ideas like that, I thought about the difficulties of heat managing in real life, how a "Freeze ray" is scientifically close to impossible, because heat doesn't disappear it gets transferred. So to managing heat we need to have physical contact with something, like water, coolant or hydrogen, the game is a nice example of it. But what if we could steal that heat, to the max of physical contact, like, microscopically? Down to the weirdest ideas it came to me, Bacteria that consumes heat. Of course it would be fatal to duplicants, like zombie spore. But what if it would attach to buildings and help manage the heat?
  2. Hey guys, can someone help me? My game crashes every few minutes or so, I've made a few alterations but ai don't know what could be the cause. The very ending of my log states this: Its usually the outhouse that shows that problem but also usually it happens to the research lab. the instant before it crashes it also goes red like the red alert state you can turn on for emergencies Thanks in advance !!