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  1. Glad that someone noticed. It's nice to see that there are such people out there.
  2. Probably because Charlie still loves her sister the most and she has a little more control, so she can make her "evil self" miss her first hit.
  3. Kind of this again.
  4. Well, yeah, although they should use some simpler vocabulary, like single words instead of some advanced expressions. Something like: "SPREAD" instead of "EXPAND TERRITORY". Or maybe some expressions for eating food itself? "FOOD", "SPIDER HUNGRY", "MEAT! MEAT!", "GOOD", "EAT MEAT", "WANTS MEAT", "FEAST!" Here we could add some quotes while being attacked: "OW! OW! OW!", "BAD!", "NO GOOD FOOD!", "HURT!", "HELP!", "ROAR!", "BAD UNSPIDER", "SPIDER ATTACK!", "ME NO WANT DIE!". Warrior spiders' quotes? "ME NO SCARED", "BAD", "EAT", "AGGRESIVE FOOD BEST TASTE", "ME STRONGER", "ME BIGGER", "ROAR!!", "KILL! KILL UNSPIDER!". When overwhelmed: "BLOOD! BLOOD!", "CAN DIE", "ME HELP!", "UNSPIDER STRONG, STRONG!", "UNSPIDER FAST, FAST!", "UNSPIDER BIGGER! HELP!" I DON'T honestly know, but there could be an introduction for some more civilized spider humanoids one day.
  5. DST update want

    Well, that is actually a thing. You just need a pendrive and some attention. Go to documents> klei> DoNotStarveTogether, and then copy The Cluster(s) you want in your other PC/laptop, and then overwrite your current ones (they're most likely in the same location) on your laptop/PC. By doing so, you can "Save" your game on Both computers. By the way, an advice for the future: put such topics in HERE.
  6. Another gift thread

    Now, because of the idea being redone and the chance for elegants still being fairly low I have reasons to agree with you this time. If you say it that way, sure.
  7. There probably are some other people (or whatever they are) that passed trough once, and survivors are currently catching up with them and they don't know that. Maybe we will be able to see them leave just as we arrive in one realm, side with them in one of the next realms or try to battle each other.
  8. What took Charlie so long?

    The hands kinda existed before charlie on the throne was a thing. Those hands are them, which means that they only have influence in case of low sanity, unlike Charlie. Stagehand cannot come up to fire and extinguish it, it can only protect the cloth from being burnt, so it will stay invisible.
  9. What took Charlie so long?

    She came because the lights were off. They are being extinguished if noone's nearby for long enough. I recall that charlie does not have an ability to put out lights by herself.
  10. What took Charlie so long?

    They were extinguished all the time, unless somebody came close enough. Also I think that Charlie didn't release Maxwell, because she hated him after what happened back in San Francisco and didn't bother to help him. Wilson, on the other hand, didn't give Her any reason to stay there. Also, remember that The throne makes The King/Queen completely invulnerable to anything, including Charlie. Charlie was summoned near The throne because There was nobody near aside from Wilson. Also she has double personality. Her Good side is kind, and quite friendly. Her evil self is vicious, sadistic and bloodthirsty. When Her Good side released Wilson from The throne, he instantly became vulnerable, and that triggered Her evil side. That happens whenever Someone is nearby. Her evil self, which was presumably created when she entered The constant, attacked Wilson. But we can see Charlie turning Back to Her normal self, because she is trying to fight her evil self because she doesn't want to actually hurt Wilson, but she fails. After Wilson disappears, we can see Charlie looking around to see if Wilson survived (she doesn't know what is happening when Her evil side takes control), but then she realised what happened and felt guilty. This also symbolizes why we don't die from Charlie's attacks at once: she is fighting herself to give us some more time to get to some light source.
  11. Killed the new boss :P

    Well, if you were struggling, congrats. I guess.
  12. Will older skin return?

    They won't RETURN, because they never actually were weavable. Only event items can be crafted from spools.
  13. Rihno boss strategy

    Just kill them Both at The same Time.
  14. Wilson Is NOT a HEALER

    For me Winona's boost never was worthy enough for me to pick her for The team.
  15. Favorite role in Forge?

    Cannon Medic (Wilson), Runner (Woodie), Tank (WX)