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  1. I uploaded the poll too early by accident while was incomplete, I added more into it. I recommend reading it again and maybe re-vote. I didn't put all the options I wanted in, I just added them all in a hurry.
  2. At this point, I think that "insanity" aspect of the game is very barebones and a little bit incomplete. That's why I bring in an initiative of suggesting some changes/additions to the insanity mechanic. I am aware that insanity is exploited to get nightmare fuel, which is used to access some pretty good gear. Well, that kind of irradicates a form of challenge in the game. My desire is that getting nice stuff means bigger... risks. I think that insanity should be remastered in a way that it resembles more of a nightmare. I want insanity to be feared by players, because many don't give a heck about it and just keep farming nightmare fuel. I would like this to have it's expenses, prices and risks.
  3. They surely speak English, although they don't have to when it comes to puzzles. This is further proven by the fact that this puzzle involves an ancient, inhuman civilization whom's posture or culture does not have reasons to be any close to human. I wouldn't hasitate to use a completely nuttish and twisted lenguage that requires research, bringing clever people together, huge cooperation between them and brainstorming to decrypt in a puzzle. A game with THAT complex lore DESERVES hard puzzles that you need to spend your actual time on to get any closer to a solution and a reward in form of a knowledge. The puzzles that this great community DESERVES are to sweat over and to be spoken about.
  4. It's going to have to do something with a circus. I think we could expect a lightning rod or something like a clothing item reskin.
  5. Come on, these are just SKINS. Nothing to get salty about.
  6. This makes me actually consider... If Metheus might have more in it than we just expected. Aaaaaand... if Klei isn't making any new puzzles because the CURRENT one might not even be close to being solved. There is probably a lot that was there to see and wasn't ever noticed by any of us. We may have seen all of it, but haven't observed any of it...
  7. On Set Pieces

    Add the new content to it (when there'll be any to add), make some even more dangerous/harder to evade. Or even add some new setpieces.
  8. I think that it might be another lenguage, not necessarily english, encrypted into these, but it might have a completely different structure.
  9. report players?

    ...these are the toxic guys that like p*ssing people off. What I usually do is try contacting the host/admin and try to convince them to get rid of such a parasyte. If that doesn't work, then I report toxic behaviour trough their steam profile. For me, it works most of the time.
  10. I hate just outright losing my plants, but that aspect makes the game a little harder, so I don't kill it off entirely. I slow the desease down on surface, but I leave it default in caves, since caves have worse conditions for the plants (barely any sunlight, less rain), which, in theory, should affect the plant's health. I think it makes sense.
  11. Ok... from what I understood: 1. Ghosts can fly right trough walls, don't worry. 2. You can't use a chest with amulets to revive yourself.
  12. I like the idea, in a way. I would like if the nice drop chance would gradually increase over time, and reset weekly.
  13. litter question

    ...this is inappropiate.
  14. Where is everyone at

    I... don't really know. I either play on my own servers, friends' servers or Official Klei servers.
  15. They eat birds/rabbits/other creatures that are lured by it's meat and instead of digesting their remains it just keeps them in it's sort of "inventory". It rots over time and if it's killed, it will drop all that it consumed, rotten.