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  1. Everytime that I try to decrease stress levels of the duplicants by assigning a massage table to them, their stress levels take longer than expected to decrease. I have spent a whole game session attempting to reduce duplicant stress, yet the highest stress level remains at 100% Is there a certain amount of stress that the massage table? If so, what is the rate and is it possible to increase it? Cheers!
  2. I've noticed that the list of attainable items in-game that are locked sometimes are listed as faded squares with the neutron stars inside the square. Other attainable item that are locked do not even show up on the list when clicked on.
  3. That's no help at all. The polluted water would make the dupes sick. It's not worth it if you want to prolong gameplay.
  4. It seems as though everytime that I attempt to prolong the game cycles, The oxygen deoxidizers and algae terrariums are in need of algae. It would be cool if there were some alternative ways to produce oxygen. Great Job!
  5. They won't sweep up dirt or edible plant life when directed to. There's no way to change the priority level for sweeping. It may be advantageous to (a) make sweeping and mopping prioritizable or (b) add the cleaning attribute to the dupes list of attributes.
  6. When starting the game from the previous save point, the sim begins paused. However when I click the Play icon, the sim does not start. I first have to click the Play icon then click the Pause icon before the game commences. It would be more convenient to use one-click instead to start the game while the sim is on Pause.