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  1. This made me happy. Until I saw that the Mac OSX build fix was still not shipped.. will the update for the fix roll out soon? I really want to play without spoiling myself!
  2. Mac people still time out when joining the server..
  3. Well, if beating the Forge with 3 people will be an achievement, it better give me about 250k XP, cause that requires 1h constant concentration, teamwork and strategizing. Tried it before, got to the two Boarillas before I had to go eat - would've probably even beaten it! Not that difficult - for the Woodie and Wolf/WX, anyways.. Wicker is the most vital role in it. And to be fair, the Boarrier is probably the easiest part about this, and the most difficult one the first few rounds, as the Hounds can be quite overwhelming.