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  1. Grow up.  You have a lot bigger issues with your community than my complaint about people posting utterly useless irrelevant nonsense... 

    You do not fix your problems by "hushing people up". grow some balls and let people express themselves appropriately, I paid for this game, show some damn respect to your customer base.

    You released the game as "finished" when its still SO full of bugs it's an utter joke..  Stop acting so damn high-and-mighty and try to recognize that YOU serve US. WE are your customers.

    1. rollerrot


      This must be a joke.

    2. __IvoCZE__


      Bruh, I make a lot of errors and I'm hella thankful for JoeW for removing some of my posts.

      Also don't go all YOU SERVE US stuff, People at Klei have L i v e s, you know?