Bought a large bolt chest, but have not received

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Hi I bought a large bolt chest, As soon as it charged my credit card, the screen gave an error and the game restarted. 
The bolts were not anywhere and I do not have any chests in my treasury.
I would like to add that I am from brazil, maybe as I payed in another currency, I hope that all of this is a little delay for those transactions (I checked in my bank account and I already got charged).

Please help. 
the xbox transaction id: 3754745251

my klei ID:KU_6yPj2Kv9

Steps to Reproduce

Buy the large bolt chest, make transaction on xbox, pay in reais. Get charged, receive nothing.

User Feedback

Hey there @heuwl, sorry to hear that you were having trouble with an in-app purchase on Xbox One. Our dev team deployed a fix for the issue in late July and you should have received the Large Bolt Chest in your Klei Account. 

If you still have not received the Large Bolt Chest in your account today, could we get you to fully exit the game, and fully shut down / power off (not sleep mode) your Xbox One console? From there turn on the console again and launch Don't Starve Together > check your in-game Shop to see if the bolts of cloth show up in your account.

And if that still does not resolve your issue, please contact support and provide us with your account information.

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