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Transparent textures

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Hello, good evening!

I'm not sure if this is a problem but some textures in the game are overlapping, this happens when the character is near the fire, furnace, desert teleport, ocuvigil, gold on the ground and ghosts from the cemeteries.






Steps to Reproduce

Stay close to the items mentioned in game

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User Feedback

This is also happening on Xbox One, I am assuming that it’s an intentional new feature, i don’t think it’s a bug, & yeah it’s odd at first but I kinda like it and think it would be required if DST ever got elevated platforms of land.

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16 hours ago, McNugget said:

Would be weird if it was intended. 

But ye it seems to affect every item or structure that "glows".

Yeah I noticed that too. @CharlesB is this intended to happen or is this a bug?

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