The weather pain and set a target.

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Lately I have used the weather pain is very useful for combats such as the Crab King or Toadstool. But I always find the same error, when you press L3 you will target an enemy and to unlock it you must press a circle.

This is where my problem comes if you set a target and at the same time have the weather pain in hand the game will give priority to unlocking the target making you unable to launch the tornado, this makes the strategy to beat the crab king not as effective.

Now, for me the solution is 2 simple options:

1.Give the possibility to edit the controls of the game and so each player decides with which button to set to a target and with which to use the weather pain

2.Change the button to unlock the enemy, that is, if you press L3 to lock it also press L3 to unlock it

And that's how simple I think this can be fixed, I hope you can listen to this suggestion and add it to an future update.


Steps to Reproduce

1. Lock a target

2. Weather pain in hand

User Feedback

Another option is to remove the melee attack option and change it with only wave or simply implement the aiming system of the lazy explorer.

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