Starting objects are invisible

  • Can't Reproduce

Played as Wigfrid and her armor and spear was invisible, I could still use these items but I couldn't see them.

this happened the first time I joined a Official dedicated server when I downloaded the recent update.

Steps to Reproduce
Join a Server and Hopefully it'll happen to you as well.

User Feedback

I just tried this on several of the Klei servers and had no problems seeing the helm and spear after equipping them.

Some things that could help narrow down the problem:

  • Are you wearing any particular pieces of clothing when this happens?
  • Does this only happen to you on Klei servers?
  • Do they stay invisible after un-equipping and re-equipping them?

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  • I wasn't wearing any custom clothing.
  • This happened once on the KIei server, when I joined other servers the problem didn't occur and I haven't seen this happened whenjoining another dedicated server.
  • the items were invisible when I un-equip/re-equip them and even when I drop them and picked them back up.

If I ever come across this bug again, I'll be sure to get Footage/Pictures.

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