Sinkholes act as wormholes to a new world, so can't access caves

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Started a new game (dst - ps4 v.1.47), explored most of the map and when I went into a sinkhole to go into the caves it pops me out into a new map that I haven't explored yet. I can go back to my 'explored' map by going back into the sink whole. I essentially have access to 2 worlds. So far tried to get to the caves with 2 sinkholes but warps me to the new world. So I can't access the caves. Apparently each sinkhole matches with a corresponding sinkhole of the other world (like matching worm holes).

Only adjustments made to the world is no disease. Everything else is set to default


Steps to Reproduce
Nothing out of the ordinary

User Feedback

It looks like you've run across a very rare bug related to custom world presets. It's on our list of things to fix. In the meantime you can "fix" the problem locally by deleting all your worldgen presets and recreating those that you still use.

Unfortunately there is no way to fix that particular caveless world. It was created with a second "regular" world instead of caves, and that can't be changed at this point. 

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