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PS4 - Big Tentacle Wormhole to Fuelweaver Inaccessible

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Ee had to roll back after starting the fuelweaver fight and it ported me back to the big tentacle connected to the fuelweaver. We killed the tentacle again and the wormhole only gives me the option to inspect, I can't use it to travel. We tried disconnecting, rolling again, waiting for the tentacle to spawn and killing it again and just about everything we could think of to get it to work - no luck. We've put a lot into this world and it'd be a real shame if we can't reset the caves any longer at this point or fight the best boss in the game! Wondering if you have any troubleshooting tips or if there is anything you can do on your end to help us out as it would be very much appreciated!

Another issue is with the new content. I've added the iridescent gem and the fountains of knowledge to get the distilled knowledge you need to start the memory puzzle are not there. I've reset the caves a few times with fuelweaver at this point and have seen reports of people getting the same colored fountains on their servers, but this one has none of them. Again, any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated!



Steps to Reproduce

Started fuelweaver fight probably 3 minutes after using the tentacle wormhole to get over there and we had to rollback which sent me to the wormhole again. At this point the tentacle was still down and the wormhole was only available for inspection, not travel. 

As for the fountains of knowledge not spawning I'm assuming that was just a bug in the world gen.. but, I could be wrong. This is all on PS4 so I'm not sure if there is a way for me to pull log files or anything for you to assist.

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