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Poison Birchnut Trees spawns in a NO Poison Birchnut Trees world

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Set the world for NO Poison Birchnut Trees, but I'm getting those when I chop Birchnut trees.EfdP8cqUwAAzxPz-1.thumb.jpg.794883ae586723b18a7de3bc9cc1fd4c.jpgEfdQBB4U4AYWEWp.thumb.jpeg.dc8cae9011db9ac1d4665f4898eebf2a.jpeg

Attached the save files bellow with screenshots of the issue.


Steps to Reproduce

-Set the world for NO Poison Birchnut Trees 

-Start chopping Birchnut trees, it will spawn Poison Birchnut Trees 


User Feedback

If you don't mind, off-topic question:

- Do your Poison Birchnut Tree or Birchnutter has any sound in your world? If no, maybe the tree its self is bugged?


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a world of mine that glitched later on spawned a poison birchnut  even though i had them turned off. it also spawned(a couple) berry bushes even though i turned those off as well though so i have no idea

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