Players can attack Abigail (PS4 & Xbox)

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May not be a bug, however even with pvp off my friends can still (accidentally and annoyingly) attack Abigail. The biggest issue is when one is playing Walter and during a fight his character randomly aims and shoots Abigail. Is this intended even with pvp off, because it unfortunately feels more like a nuisance. 

Steps to Reproduce

Getting close to her even around hostile mobs will prompt attacking

User Feedback

38 minutes ago, Fatkitty said:

It's been that way. I think that's how it is supposed to be. I like it. 

You like that your friends can damage Abigail? How so?

Sometimes attacking her prompts up around hostile mobs, which is annoying cause Im trying to hit the enemies.

Walters ammo is wasted every time this happens too.

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Because the other day someone playing Wendy stole items out of my Chester so I beat her ghost. What is a character like Webber supposed to do with Wendy starts demolishing the army he built up? Checks and balances.

The person I play with is Wendy 99% of the time and accidently attacking her has never been an issue for us. As long as you control your character, most people do not intentionally beat Abigail intentionally. 

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