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so I was playing for a while and it wasn't till I got off that I realized I hadn't received any gift boxes. I didn't think anything of it, maybe I had reached a cap for the day. I logged in today and I didn't get a gift. I went into the curios or items collected screen and it says that my stuff and gift didn't load would I like to try again. it doesn't load. I log out and in, and I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and it doesn't work. I know its not the most important part of the game but its a thing I like seeing. must I remove all mods and then un/re install or something? 

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I have no idea I downloaded ozzy the bee nanachi and musha mods yesterday, 7/16/19; if any of those caused the problem I would of thought musha. I took that mod off since it didn't work in the first place but it still didn't do a thing.

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