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My Brother Keeps getting "disconnected from server" every time he goes into the caves

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Anytime my brother joined my world (form his own ps4) he doesn't lag in the slightest no delay between attacks or anything but any time he trys going into the caves he gets disconnected and is not able to rejoin until i Roll the game back, we both have been trying everything firstly for thought it might be because the world we play on is very old but even when we created a new world he still gets the "disconnected from the sever" any time he enters the caves. We have not even been able to finish the metheus puzzle, it is not because of the new update because this started happening before it came out, I didn't make a report on it because i thought the new update would fix it. My brother and I really like Don't Starve together but this Bug has really rotten our experiences with it sadly, hopefully this will be able to be fixed soon.

Steps to Reproduce

Any time my brother on his Ps4 (in the same House) joins my world and trys going into the caves he get "Disconnected from the sever"

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