Missing Marble Sculptures PSA

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Ps4 PSA: My 300+ day world is missing the Knight & Bishop marble sculptures. I couldn't find any suspicious marble aside from the rooks but I may have missed them.

My entire map has been uncovered, I even checked lunar island just in case. Just making sure Klei and console players are aware before the player sinks a ton of time into the world. On the bright side I have in game years of experience to bring to my new world. 


Thanks for a game so great I'm willing to start a new world with a smile! 


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Looking for marble sculptures!
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User Feedback

3 hours ago, NoscopeFelix said:

If they’re missing you can find a chess trinket in tumbleweeds to get the sculpture blueprints even if the statues are missing.

That only works if you've already built and mined the original sculptures. The game checks for those events before letting them drop. I did a lot of googling lol. 

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