Harvesting Lureplant give no Leafy Meat

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Hello there.

I do not know if this is a bug, or not, so please ignore if not.

Sometimes when Harvesting or killing  Lureplant don't give any Leafy Meat.

*I tried this while eyeplant spawn or without eyeplant spawning. 

Steps to Reproduce
- Plant the Lureplant. - Wait to the meat dangling. - Harvesting or killing it, for some reason gives no Leafy meat.

User Feedback


I might've done something stupid, for some reason, I kept testing this, because I found nothing in wiki regarding Lureplant give nothing. so what I have done is to test planting the lureplant everywhere, on different turf, season etc.. to see what happened. and voila!

DST LP.jpg

I think just before this, the server kicked me out, saying "The server not responding", and when I join back, I got like 5-10 FPS, so I was looking around to see what causing the lag! it was the Lureplants!  

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