I'm on day 1049 and can't get my world to load. It seems like every time I have to load the game up when it is raining in game it crashes the app. I'm basically locked out of that world until this bug is fixed. I hope it's soon because I'm completely done with this game until it's fixed. If your game doesn't work into the later days then there's no point in me playing any longer. I've been hugely vocal about my support and love for this game online and IRL, but the amount of game breaking bugs is so great that I've stopped recommending this game altogether. I've wasted over 100 hours now trying to recreate Hamlet in DST on PS4 to generate hype for the new DLC but that's all gone now if I can't get this world back. Until  Klei figures out how to make a game that actually works and respects my time I'm not wasting another second or penny on another product of theirs.   Error Code: CE-34878-0