Don't receive gifts anymore every 10 days for clothing and skins

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Between 1.26 and 1.27 i have stopped getting the gifts every +-10 days that contain clothes and skins. I have played over 70 days since on diffrent worlds and tried restarting my game and making new servers but nothing seems to work :( i havent heard this from anyone else in the community, so i might be the only one with this problem but its a fairly annoying one with the year of the varg event that i want the clothing off. Please if you know how to help reply ASAP.

Thanks in advance

Steps to Reproduce
I just downloaded update 1.26 and after a while i stopped receiving the gifts and never got any since, my account on psn is White_Croat

User Feedback

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That's your klei account id. It's used in our inventory system for tracking the items you own.

I checked your account and you already received the max number of gifts for this week. Later on Thursday, the "week" will restart and you'll be able to earn more gifts.

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