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Containers and pickup bugs

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I just want to post to make sure people notice this as an issue, although I'm sure it's already been seen by Klei. I love to play this game with my wife and she's never even really played games before but she adores this one. She's been half depressed because she keeps getting stuck in the chest and can't get out of the loop xD. That's to say that not only the chest, but the ice box, crock pot, and most openable containers make her stuck. She's even had trouble picking objects up off the ground, though that's a smaller issue in my opinion. I'd like to point out that we are obviously playing a split screen game, and as the host, I haven't seen any issues since the 2.07 update. So in my case, it's the person who joins that has the most trouble. Our internet is fantastic, just in case that was a concern, even though we're locally playing.

 We hope to see this recognized and fixed in the near future to continue playing the game. Thanks Klei! We can't wait to come back to your game.


Steps to Reproduce

Open anything.        Ta da, you're stuck. XD




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User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Or you could spam pressing O, this will cancel it immediately, no need to pause the game and use the command "rescue".

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1 minute ago, CharlesB said:

This will be fixed in the next update

Having the same issue.
1.While in a fight with klaus I kept glitching back to klaus repeatedly. Bloody annoying used up so much more resources and couldn’t kite at all. 

2. lit a tree on fire with a torch and then kept glitching back to the tree and the action was repeat couldn’t break out of the loop had to drop the torch 

3. picked up rocks and inventory was full got stuck in the action had to leave the game !!!!

 Please fix!!!

 Game play is so annoying, scared to start a fight!!!

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