Can't get twitch drops

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I tried to re-create my account but still I could not get twitch drops

Steps to Reproduce
When I connected to the twitch website I immediately went to watch streamers but, waiting for the time stamp, I wasn’t given out twitch drops

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Hello @WEBOLOS, welcome to the forums. You need to be sure that you have LINKED your KLEI account to the TWITCH account you are watching from, BEFORE you watch twitch streamers with !drops in their titles.

Open this link:

Make sure you've linked your Twitch account to the same KLEI User account you are playing from. If you aren't logged in yet, then log in the specific PLATFORM you are playing DST with that you want to RECEIVE TWITCH DROPS for.

Once in, open the LINKED ACCOUNTS at the top bar and if you haven't LINKED your Twitch Account yet. Then do so.

Open in the same internet browser you used to log into Log into your twitch account and click the button in that says LINK TWITCH account and a window should pop up to confirm that you are in fact linking them.

Once linked it should look something like this:


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Apparently you have already connected your game ID with another Twitch account. Open a new session in your web browser (using “Incognito” or “Private” mode, for example) and log in with the secondary Twitch account, visit the “Settings” page, then “Connections”, then disconnect the “Klei Entertainment” application. Finally, return to this page and try to connect your Twitch account again.

That's what gives me

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@WEBOLOS then it's pretty clear that you already have a different twitch account linked. Either watch from the LINKED Twitch account that is currently tied to your Klei account OR unlink it then try linking your preferred Twitch account. Follow the method given.

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