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Cannot Attack Big Tentacle

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I recently went to  fight a big tentacle in the caves. 
After hitting it the first time the option to "Attack" the Big Tentacle went away, I was only able to "Inspect" it. 
The "Attack" keeps targeting the baby tentacles and Hutch, but I am unable to hit the Big Tentacle at all.
I left the caves and came back a few days later... still the same issue. 

(I was playing Wolfgang in Endless mode on PS4)

Steps to Reproduce

- Play Endless Mode on PS4 
- Go to Caves
- Find Big Tentacle 
- Attack the Big Tentacle to start fight
- After the first hit, the "Attack" option is gone only "Inspect" is available
- Character will try to target baby tentacles instead
- Unable to hit Big Tentacle 

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User Feedback


Hello there,

This is how the game work on console. When you hit the Big Tentacle the game will switch to the near/new mobs next to you. 

You have 3 ways to deal with this;

1- By killing all the near baby tentacles, to make a way to fight the big one.

2-  Using 5 gunpowder will immediately kill the Big Tentacle.

3- Turing on the Lock-On Target by pressing L3, so it will stay only on the Big Tentacle.

I hope this will fix your problem.

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Thank you so much for all of these suggestions!

I found another way that also worked:
If you turn off "Target Locking" in the settings then you can stand next to the Big Tentacle and hit it, even though the "Attack" text doesn't show up.  

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