Can’t craft certain items after changing character

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I was originally a wickerbottom and I had some items prototyped when I changed to a wigfrid. I can’t make potters wheel and the cartographers desk. I am able to click the make button when near a alchemy but when I go to place the item it just refunds my supplies. 

Steps to Reproduce
Wickerbottom with premade items

User Feedback

Can you describe step by step what you're doing? I tried based on your description but couldn't reproduce the problem.


Here's what I did:

- Start as Wickerbottom. Build science machine, alchemy engine, celestial portal.

- Build potter's wheel and cartographer's desk, but don't place either.

- Use celestial portal to change to Wigfrid

- Try to place previously built items, potter's wheel and cartographer's desk.

- The structures seemed to place properly

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It seems like you did it correctly. I start as wickerbottom, premade the structures but didn’t place them and switched to wigfrid. When I switched I lost all my known recipes and had to go to the alchemy to relearn some items. But when I go to learn the prebuilt structures and try to place it down it just refunds my materials and doesn’t place the item.  

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