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Frog Army

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When the frog army comes so many come everyone startes glitching out extremely badly. It takes 10+ seconds to pick up items and player will get stuck on nothing or "skate" around the screen uncontrollably. Also frogs hit boxes are messed up. The frogs were hitting us repeatedly from very far away. There we're at least 80-100 frogs in my area and other players in different areas where reporting the same. At least 400 frogs total. The frogs are too op and the server is wrecked now because the spawn rate glitches everyone out. The frogs were strong enough to kill 15 beefalo and 2 moosegoose.

Steps to Reproduce
Frog army in late spring

User Feedback

I agree frog rain needs a nerf, but you can turn it off in the world gen settings. The hitboxes are big on purpose.

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