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Attacking creatures

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When fighting creatures,  I get damaged when I'm not even close to them.  Also, jumping spiders seem to take more hits than before...is that suppose to be that way?

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I was fighting spiders at their nest...

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All or most mob health is doubled. Encourages players to work together in defeating something.

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When I disable lag compression movement becomes very difficult, especially when fighting.  So its either move effectively but not be able to hit anything, or be able to hit something but not be able to get in position to land a hit.

It doesn't matter as much for spiders, but I've found things like Pigs and MacTusk are very difficult to hit.  Tallbirds are ok but you have to change to a one hit kite (as opposed to two).  Seems like the faster / more slippery creatures need slightly bigger hitboxes to compensate.  I can kill pigs no problem on ROG, but I'm not able to get a hit in on PS4 DST.  It's not that they are hitting me that much, its just when I kite by the time by weapon actually swings the pig is already out of range of the hit box.


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