UI is bad on 1280x1024 resolution,hunger,empty status,CPU load ~50% ~60%, gas filters and more bugs

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

I created a screenshot to show which one ill-conceived interface in your game:

  1. how can I disable icon captions so that the panels do not overlap?
  2. I do not see the text on a white background - is this normal? You can also darken the background under the text, for example, by hovering the mouse cursor, or allow you to adjust the transparency of the background
  3. when I change the overall scale of the interface - it's bad that when you open the game guide, it is unrealistic to read something - everything is so small and blurred that soon you will have to go to the ophthalmologist (think of children - especially those who do not have much money for 32-inch monitors). You can customize these panels independently.
  4. You added filters in the research, so it's kind of weird - now that you open the research tree, the game hangs for 1-2 seconds because of this filter (why reformat this filter tree on the left every time?)
  5. SHIFT+F10 or SHIFT+F12 = crash game.
  6. Start rocket = crash game.






Steps to Reproduce

Run game in monitor with resolution 1280x1024









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User Feedback


There is an option to change the UI size in the menu, have you tried that to make the text larger?

I agree it would be very useful to be able to move the top window (in your third screenshot) around the screen, especially when it overlaps with the selection info box...

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.... .... ....


Pause in game not working properly!

CPU(4 cores) used ~50% to ~60% for window mode and fullscreen mode.


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