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The Universe Is Mostly Empty Space

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I have found 3 available asteroids: one starting, one by teleporter, and one by telescope. No other asteroids are visible. It seems I have explored the entire universe.

Expected behavior:

1. There should be more available asteroids to visit.

2. Even the empty space should be possible to map. It should not stay covered by fog of war.

Also discovered while taking these screenshots: the starmap doesn't zoom out very far. Its farthest zoomed-out position is exactly where I would expect its farthest zoomed-in position to be. It should zoom out farther.



Steps to Reproduce

1. Explore the entire universe using telescopes.

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User Feedback

You can put a telescope on a rocket, move somewhere, and explore more.  Someone (I can't find the post) suggested putting 3 telescopes and 4 dupes in a rocket to explore extra quickly, that's what I find works well.


Edit: I still have a lot to explore, I have only colonized the first 3 asteroids in this save

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This is both a bug report, and feedback.

This bug persists in the 2021-01-28 Re-Rocketry Update.

I tried putting 3 telescopes on a rocket, and was able to get two of them to work. The middle one didn't work. This behavior is unexpected, because:

1. Telescopes "must be exposed to space" to work, but there is no space exposure inside a spacefarer module

2. Vanilla telescopes require sky visibility, but there is no sky visibility inside a spacefarer module.

3. There is no sun illumination inside a spacefarer module.

The starmap misleads the user by suggesting a "cartographic module" on a rocket, which is not something that exists.

I suggest the following possible fixes to the bug:

1. Delete all references to the non-existent cartographic module. Add to the description of "telescope" that it needs either space exposure, or to be placed inside a rocket command module.

or: 2. Add the cartographic module, whatever that might do, and don't allow telescopes to work inside a rocket command module.

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