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Temperature doesn't go down though steam turbine works in hot biomeme.

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I like to use Steam Turbine and Aqua Tuner combination for cooling down the temperature of materials came from various geysers.


Those facilities used to work well but somethings goes wrong now.


liquid shut-off located in steam room under that turbine get cracked for overheat temperature 275 C', which means the element of liquid shut-off is steel.

Steam turbine still worked that time. That means temperature didn't go down.


I guess that's some bug related to the tile of high temperature right next to that steam gases.

Other turbine facilities located to cooler side don't get go wrong like this.




Merry Planet.sav

Steps to Reproduce

1. built Steam turbine and aqua tuner for removing high heat from near guysers in the hot place such as Oil Biomemes.

2. When steam turbine start to work, temperature of steam room under goes high . That's exactly reverse what I intended.


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User Feedback


I'm seeing the same issue in my colony.  After being stable for many cycles, the temp in one of my steam chambers started going up.  I turned off the heat input to that steam chamber and was doing work on other asteroids to let it cool down.

I come back several cycles later and the temp has skyrocketed from under 300 (with no heat input) to over 500, overwhelming my cooling loop.

The other steam chamber has a single aquatuner as it's heat input and has *two* steam turbines eating it's heat.  The heat in that chamber went high enough to melt the Lead pipe temp sensor and shut down the aquatuner.  With no more heat input, the two turbines still can't cool the room below 300c.


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Changed Status to Dupe

Just the fix before we push it out either today or tomorrow. It doesn't happen on the first two worlds (start and closest non-portal world).


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