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Strange Volcano Heat Deletion

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

In attempting to cool 2 aluminum volcanos, one of them exhibits an extreme heating deleting behavior,  when the liquid aluminum contacts the water it immediately freezes a huge amount (>1ton) of it to an extremely low temperature.

Edit: Whoops, didn't realize there was a separate section for spaced out.  This bug occurred in the spaced out dlc, to be clear.



Steps to Reproduce

  This only happens on one of my 2 aluminum volcanos and i'm not exactly sure how to reproduce it but I've attached a save file shortly before it happens (see lower right volcano on Herbelin).

Volcano Bug.sav

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User Feedback

.... ....

I also am experiencing the same thing with just one of the gold volcanos on the forest planetoid in the DLC. The other gold volcano on the same planetoid works just fine and just adds heat as expected, same goes for every other volcano I've uncovered.

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