Spaced out DLC: Power generating units not counting to maximum power in wires

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I don't know if this is the intended behaviour but power generation units are not counting to maximum wattage in wires, so, at the moment I'm connecting my entire solar array, with more than 1.5 kW of power to my battery bank using just commom wires. It also happens when using a domesticated "plug slug" harvesting it's energy with a commom wire.


Steps to Reproduce

Connect any power generating unit to a circuit, it's maximum wattage will not increase

User Feedback


This is always how its been you can generate 100kw's of watts of power on a single 1kw wire. Wires only care about load, using a 2 batteries and flipflop you can get around the 1kw limit on wires making all other types redundant. By having the the generators charge the 1st battery and when its full switch to the second battery, while the 1st is no longer connected to the generation side via a power switch. Thou if you pull more then 1kw off it will act normally and break the wire. 

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