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Save Game Break

Tartarus Plays
  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

I was playing a base game by having the click the "Deactivate DLC" to test that. It has been working fine.  This last update

  1. 462129 Test

Broke the save game files with a version error saved as 460672 v 17 vs game build 455509 v17

Happy Abyss Cycle 591.sav

Steps to Reproduce

Game auto updated, tried to load game, got error

Activated and re deactivated DLC to get access to base game, same error. 

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User Feedback



I am playing the base game in the public testing specifically to find bugs like this if the crops up.

Than I will go back to playing the DLC to find more bugs, and test the new stuff you are adding. 

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