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Room Details not consistent.

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Closed

When you use the Room Overlay and mouse over one of the rooms.  It's missing the critters information.

In the first image, there are some shine bugs in that great mess hall.       In the second image,  i'm mousing over a regular  room and it shows the number of critters in that room.

Some of the rooms seem to be missing critter details.



Steps to Reproduce

Make a room such as great hall, and put a critter in it.  roll mouse over room and see that critter info does not appear in room detail.

Remove a building such as a mess table and it will revert back to a 'room'   and you get  critter info in the details.

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User Feedback

It's filtering to show only the stats that are relevant to the specific room type.  For a miscellaneous room the critters could be relevant if you want to make it a stable and plants could be relevant if you want to make it a park, so it shows both.  Once you make a room like the Great Hall that doesn't depend on those stats it doesn't show them anymore.  It continues to show critters (but not plants) on the stable, because it's relevant to the room type.

I like this behavior.  Tooltips for some rooms like the Great Hall can get lengthy with a row for each table assignment, so pruning details that aren't relevant to the room type helps keep it manageable.

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