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Plug slug power output not consistent with happiness

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Sometimes happy plug slugs do not deliver the full 400W output when sleeping.  AFAIK, slug output was changed to be scaled with the Glum status so having a happy slug with 80W output should not be possible.


Steps to Reproduce

There seems to be no apparent pattern that determines when a slug delivers below its 400W output.  I've encountered nights where none of my happy slugs deliver the full 400W, but only 80W.

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User Feedback

Well, my wild slugs have access to tons of cobalt at all times and do not have the hungry status.  The thread linked does not show 80W output for any level of kcal in the power gen table. 

What seems to be happening in my case are happy slugs obtaining the "unhappy" status effect for 80% penalty to full output (400x0.2=80). If I save and reload all slugs have 400W output.

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