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Output and Intake Fittings delete resources

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When an output and intake fittings try to push and pull the same resource from the same tank at the same time, a packet of that resource gets deleted. It probably has some correlation with a game speed (sometimes not destroying all of the packets on slow speed, rigorous testing is needed).
Tested with gases and liquids, grounded rocket and not.

Edit: turns out an output fitting alone deletes resources when used. Pumping 1100kg of liquid from a liquid cargo tank on medium speed resulted in 70kg being deleted. So this is not an edge case, fittings are simply broken.





Steps to Reproduce

Build a rocket with a single tank, fill it, connect output and intake fittings with a single pipe (probably works in other arrangements)
Power the output fitting, observe the amount of your resource dropping continuously.

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User Feedback

Ok, seems like it is not nessecairly related to interaction between fittings. I've setup an automation to disable an output fitting when a liquid passes through. Although it significantly decreased the amount of liquid being destroyed, it still happens, especially on fast game speed.

Deletion occurs when the output fitting is active: it simply draws liquid more quickly than a pipe can handle


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I'm pretty sure it gets even worse if you use the external loaders. I haven't seen the bug happen without them, but with them it was as much as 50% of all in-out.

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