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High GPU and CPU usage when focusing the main menu

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The CPU but mostly the GPU usage goes bonkers when focusing the main menu.

I have 2 screens and whenever i select the screen with the main menu, the gpu and cpu usage goes up, to the point my GPU literally screams.

Regardless if i have mods on or not.

I don't know since when it started, because i just noticed when i was playing without headphones.



Steps to Reproduce

Open the game and stay at the main menu.

Hear the GPU screaming.


User Feedback

I just noticed the last lines in the player log:

"Direct3D: detected that using refresh rate causes time drift. Will stop trusting refresh rate until the game window is moved.

Direct3D: detected that vsync is broken (it does not limit frame rate properly). Delta time will now be calculated using cpu-side time stampling until the game window is moved."

The issue seems to be that the game is trying to use vsync, but i had it set in my driver to always off (i don't remember if i set that or if it was from factory, i remember having some issues in the AMD drivers). I set it to "desactivado, salvo que lo especifique la aplicación" (disabled, unless specified by the application sort of), and the screaming went away. I don't know if you have to expect people to play with vsync on, i don't think everybody can have that on, but i don't know.

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Changed Status to Closed

Glad you were able to figure it out. 

The game has vsync enabled by default and does not provide a setting to disable it. The error message indicates that you manually disabled vsync in the driver at some point, which is not the default driver setting.

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