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Games crashes when launching rocket from the Uranium Planet

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Everytime I lauch a rocket from the uranium planet the game crashes. After I rebuild the platform rebuild the hole rocket it works only one time. Really annoying, cause I cannot transport anything from the uranium planet to the starting base. And I hate to rebiulld the whole rocket again and again. Mods on or off don't makes any differnce (I only use gas overlay) Always the same error:

IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array.

IlluminationVulnerable+States+<>c.<InitializeStates>b__4_0 (IlluminationVulnerable+StatesInstance smi, System.Single dt) (at <06f8e7422a7d4d098b0ee5ec07bdf81a>:0)
BucketUpdater`1[DataType].Update (DataType data, System.Single dt) (at <8f0726745db24471804d5705938c3f79>:0)
UpdateBucketWithUpdater`1[DataType].Update (System.Single dt) (at <8f0726745db24471804d5705938c3f79>:0)
StateMachineUpdater+BucketGroup.AdvanceOneSubTick (System.Single dt) (at <8f0726745db24471804d5705938c3f79>:0)
StateMachineUpdater.AdvanceOneSimSubTick () (at <8f0726745db24471804d5705938c3f79>:0)
Game.SimEveryTick (System.Single dt) (at <06f8e7422a7d4d098b0ee5ec07bdf81a>:0)
Game.Update () (at <06f8e7422a7d4d098b0ee5ec07bdf81a>:0)

Build: EX1 S14-472345-S


Steps to Reproduce

Launch the smaller rocket from Topi- to Equi-Planet.


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User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Could you attach your save file? The error points to Dusk Caps, Bog Buckets, or Bristle Blossoms being the issue but I'll need to inspect the save to figure out why.

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1 hour ago, EricKlei said:

The error points to Dusk Caps, Bog Buckets, or Bristle Blossoms being the issue

I was also having this issue, from one specific rocket on my starting planet- the rocket in question had several(6) Leafy Bristle Blossom seeds in a large solid cargo module that I was intending to transport. I attempted multiple things, including deconstructing and reconstructing the command module and attempting to launch after each change, but it was only after I unloaded everything from the cargo module that it stopped crashing upon launching. There's nothing else related to those plants anywhere near the rocket, and the issue has only occurred when those seeds, some dirt, polluted dirt, and fertilizer were in the large cargo module- I am reasonably confident that, based on what you've said, whatever my crash was caused by is related to those seeds, and/or possibly the Leafy mutation specifically.

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Thanx for your reply.

Dusk Caps, Bog Buckets, or Bristle Blossoms? I wanted to transport Mealwood seeds and there are some Bog Buckets under natural light on the planet, but no Dusk Caps or Bog Buckets... is light the problem?. But here ist my save file.




edit: Experimented a little bit. I blocked light for the Bog Buckets, disrooted them...

When I start the Rocket without the Cargo Bay its ok. it's only the "The Inspiring Hope XV", all other Rockets act normal. I can transport everything but solid materials.

edit2: I can transport solids, but no seeds. So there must be something with (mutant) seeds. I even get a crash, when I try to compost a mutant seed.


The Ultra Tunnel mittendrin.sav

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I encounter a similar crash that I reported ingame (with the IlluminationVulnerable IndexOutOfRangeException stuff) when lanching a rocket. Removing the identified mutated Thimble reed seed from the Orbital Cargo Module have solved the crash.

Thanks for the answers and thanks for this awsome game.

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