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Food list icons shifted

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Linux Pending


In consumables menu, icons of food items are shifted to the left compared to their checkboxes when there are many known food items.

Steps to Reproduce

Discover many (8?) food items. Open comestibles menu.

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User Feedback

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26 minutes ago, sirnumbskull said:

I'm also experiencing this issue.  Running windowed on a 4k monitor if that helps.

I found that changing resolutions of game / monitor had no effect on this. And mine oddly enough resolved itself after cooking a food after it happened.

The save file I have attached in my original bug report is right before it happens and picking food from the pod creates the misalignment issue. It also does seen I my recent play trough I had it off by a small amount, later in the playthrough the alignment was off like the 2 screen shots in this post.

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