Dupes have extra hat when eating

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Don't think this has been reported yet (and wasn't mentioned on the notes for 458060); is related to the previous "Duplicants no longer have an extra hat when sleeping" - the dupes when eating at the mess table take off their hat to eat but have an extra one underneath :highly_amused:

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Steps to Reproduce

Give hat to a dupe, wait until it's meal time

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User Feedback

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On 4/6/2021 at 2:58 PM, sakura_sk said:

@Ipsquiggle Hats are not double anymore but "haircuts" remain like the dupe wears a hat


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849898801_hatsdown.thumb.JPG.974b288f61cb7af12994997d31518148.JPG 1907012702_hatsdown2.JPG.6959c2f0b027e527fd4bbe8c0363af7e.JPG


I've also seen this - while eating their hair looks squashed and has a small glitch when they finish and put the hat back on.

Comparing with how they look while sleeping you can clearly see a difference in hair style

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