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Building off the rocket

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You can use a water presure to destroy rocket in new DLC and you can bild outside off the rocket. You can for example  build moving space station with solar power source, telescope and farm made with pips e.t.c. unknown.png?width=827&height=465unknown.png?width=827&height=465

oxygen bug bug2

Steps to Reproduce

First you must bild a system to compress water to about 24000kg per tail and the rocket tail made of steel is destroy by the presure.


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User Feedback

Why complicate things so much? This is a known bug. Simply replace the wall block of the rocket with a regular cage and then remove it. The way out is clear. Can be built in available space. Here's an example.


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nice bug which Klei may actually use as a feature. Solar power panels should be available on the rocket at the first place.

So the easy fix - not to fix it!!!

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