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A way to spawn diamond and steel through rocket structures

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So this is the first time ive gotten into rocket building and i made a basic rocket with pretty much the first structures possible for it, but i never used it for a long time and when i finally decided to go to a another planetoid, i had already researched much farther and thought i might as well upgrade my rocket. I dismantled the Solo Spacefarer Nosecone that i had made out of copper, and it gave me back 400Kg of diamond and 2400Kg of steel. At first i didnt understand where it came from so i checked everything i had just ordered my dupes to do and found it came from the Nosecone. I remade it out of copper again just to make sure. Im pretty sure this isnt intended because this is a very broken way to get diamond and steel seeing as how the starting planetoid doesnt even have diamond and im not quite far enough to make steel or i just havent wanted to yet. I havent checked yet, mainly because i dont want to keep spawning materials like this but my thought is that the materials are coming from the inside of the Nosecone? Like the structure blocks inside the Nosecone are maybe made out these materials. Thats the only logical place i would think they could be coming from. That or its just a bug spawning them, idk. Havent tried it with the other Module.

Steps to Reproduce

build the Solo Spacefarer Nosecone out of any material and dismantle it.

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