YT "Continue?" breaks the game

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This happend now the 5th time.

I like listening to musik in the background. Spotify is my way do go but sometimes i switch do YT.

Even if you have "Autoplay" enabled, after some time (30-60 min, im not sure) Yt stops the musik and a popup asks "continue?"

Same time ONI "pauses" and on the top right side the message "An Error ocurred  Please restart the game"

Because i can save and restart the game, i have no error code ^^

Steps to Reproduce
Start a Yt Video and enable autoplay (no playlist) and let it play in the background.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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User Feedback


Those are 2 different problems. YT stops, because the window is out of focus. This is YT´s way to prevent people making traffic, without even be there. There are browser addons, to undo this.

The problem with "an error occured" is completely different. It may be related to a system call of your browser, causing a hickup in the game, but i suggest to take a look at used mods.

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