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Wild Pacu eat fewer seeds than stated, eat only every 2nd cycle leading to long taming time

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

A wild Pacu eats ~0.124kg of seed from a Fish Feeder but hovering over its digestion information says it should eat 0.3.

They also only eat seed from a Fish Feeder every 2nd cycle causing them to have one cycle of, "Ate from Feeder", status then one cycle without. This causes them to take 20 cycles to tame when taming with seed.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Place a pacu in water
  2. Place a fish feeder in the water
  3. Place seed (I tried with Blossom Seed and Bliss Burst Seed) in the fish feeder
  4. Observe pacu feeding schedule, status
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User Feedback

First things first:
This is in DLC not base game, they have a separate Bug Tracker forum for us players to make reports related to the DLC in, here:

Feel free to add the following screenshots I've taken, which help illustrate this:


1) the seeds bunch together into a 4kg "food ball" that is twice as big as the 10kg one Algae makes:

2) while Pacus will only eat half as often from the seed feeder, their "ate from a feeder" bonus lasts only as long as the one for eating Algae, meaning they actually *gain back* about 4-5% wildness in the gap between the expiry and their next feeding. This, along with the gap itself, is why it takes almost 20 cycles to tame a pacu off of a feeder that uses seeds.


Oh also, when I closed and reopened, my seed feeder refused to load in a "food ball" at all, even after unpausing. the feeder shows it has a fractional amount of seed out, so maybe that's why?



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