When get new printing crash

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I press Choose a blueprint at printing pod sometimes game is starting to loading and always loading.nothing happens.

i can't see report bug screen. i don't use mods.

%APPDATA%\..\Local\Temp\Klei\Oxygen Not Included\Crashes  folder  is empty

player log, save game and dxdiag are attached


Unstoppable Factory204 Cycle 215.png

Player.log Unstoppable Factory204 Cycle 215.sav DxDiag 02.14.21.txt

Steps to Reproduce

it doesn't happen before i build rocket, or printing pod at second astroid

Edit : i was enabled sandbox before for delete some ladders

i'm at cycle 217

cycle 78, 111, 139, 152, 158, 172 and 204 backups attached


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