Wheezerwort destroys air

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Wheezewort sucks in gases but does not emit them back, slowly destroying the atmosphere around itself until it's nearly vacuum.

This does not only mean they waste your precious Oxygen, but also that they don't really cool anymore since they don't emit cooled gases.

Steps to Reproduce
- Plant Wheezewort in pot in a small room with some gases (it was Oxygen in my world) - Close room and wait - Watch air pressure constantly drop

User Feedback

I have experienced an effect that may have been this as well, but its confusing.

When I try to use wheezewort to cool CO2, I lose a lot of co2. However, there are always other mechanisms for loss: doors, etc, so I'm not sure whats going on.

However, High pressure hydrogen rooms can be sealed off with absolutely no loss of hydrogen. 

I don't have personal experience on oxygen- it seems cold biomes pressurized iwth oxygen do not lose too much pressure- not in the way i've noticed - but I don't usually notice because dupes are also using o2. CO2 should not be consumed but it really seems like it does. 


So, +1 idk

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The first thing I noticed is that from the several worts planted, most seem to do no any cooling at all, except one planted in my Electrolyzer room, but even that barely cools at all.

I had one Wheezewort in a small, sealed room with oxygen and it disappeared rather quickly while the door was closed. That's how I finally figured why my Bristle Blossom rooms where I also planted them always suffer from low pressure.

You mentioned you don't lose Hydrogen, which seems to explain whey the one in my Electrolyzer room did a little cooling while the rest did nearly nothing, as there is a little hydrogen in that room always.

But right now, because of this the worts are useless, and even harmful. Based on what I've seen I must have lost remendous amounts of Oxygen to them. Before planting them my base was on max pressure and my pipes were completely filled with Oxygen, then I started to have mysterious pressure issues and my Electrolyzers couldn't keep up anymore.

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1 hour ago, Masterpintsman said:

IIRC they have a persistence bug that destroys the gas that was in them when you load a save.

They actually don't keep gases in their storage long.
They have an event listener for storage changed where they then dump everything out of their storage.

I'd assume the main bug is the lack of callbacks from simulator whether it succeeded.
It just tells the simulator to add mass and destroys the inventory item.

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