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Water intake bugs

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I can separate these out into separate bug reports if that would be more helpful. I collected them all here together because they make more sense in context together, they use the same setup and they might all be related bugs.

Here is my basic set-up for testing all these situations. It makes it easy to switch between clean or dirty water and recycles all the dirty water back into the source. You can easily switch out the shower for any of the other water-using structures.d


The shower will work when connected only to dirty water if it has any clean water in its tank, but won't use up the last of the water. The last 2518.0 mcg of clean water never goes away. It's always that same number, 2518.0 mcg. You can take as many showers as you like without dirtying any clean water.

The Lavatory if fed dirty water will fill its tank with dirty water. Its status will be stuck on "Lavatory In Use". It will continue to be stuck in that state even if hooked back up to clean water. I don't know of any way to purge the dirty water without destroying and rebuilding the Lavatory.

The Electrolyzer works similar to the Lavatory, except its tank is large enough to easily hold both clean and dirty water. It can continue to run on clean water as long as there is some room in its tank, but once its tank is completely full of dirty water, it ceases functioning. Like the Lavatory, there is no way to empty the dirty water from the Electrolyzer once it's in. You have to destroy and rebuild it.


That's all I've checked for now. I imagine all the water structures have similar bugs and the gas structures might as well. I can add more as I check them either in this post or a new post.


Steps to Reproduce
Shower: Connect Shower input to clean water, wait for someone to use it so there's clean water in its tank, then disconnect the clean water and connect dirty water. Lavatory: Hook Lavatory intake up to dirty water supply. Wait for someone to use Lavatory. disconnect dirty water and connect clean water. Lavatory is unusable. Electrolyzer: Hook Electrolyzer intake up to dirty water. Wait for it to completely fill its tank. Then try to hook up clean water.

User Feedback

Water Purifier sucks up clean water and destroys it. I have a water pump in clean water hooked up to a water purifier. The water purifier's output is not connected to anything. The water purifier is chugging clean water and not outputting anything.


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