Water in pipes getting stuck on a random hydropnics tile.

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With no apparent reason, sometimes my irrigation water will back up on a particular hydroponics tile, even if I disable it, rebuild it, rebuild the pipe, or leave it without a plant.  The pipe blueprint seems to be the only solution that works, and this one tile out of all the hydro tiles is the only one that does this.

I can't for the life of me understand why this is happening, and I can't imagine this being anything other than some sort of bug.


If I'm just being dumb or missing something, please let me know.

Steps to Reproduce
Build long stretches of hydro farm tiles as shown, past that I do not know.

User Feedback

I have a similar bug. For me the problem is in last functioning hydroponic tile. Removing the plant from it helps, but if I put it back then water is getting stuck again. Even if I destroy entire hydroponic line and rebuid it from scratch water will be stuck on that particular tile.




Hydroponic bug.sav

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Every Hydroponics Tile acts as a pipe input. Sometimes the flow of the water gets confused with all those subsequent inputs. You can solve this problem by using a liquid valve or liquid bridge to direct the water into each row of bristle farms. Make sure to leave 1 tile of pipe free so the water pressure can build up (so to speak).

I attach a screenshot for clarification


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