Water Geyser Output?

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416F219279B3B1B5183182AC3D9EFAF9A4219598 I'm using water to cool water. all but the polluted water has come from 1 geyser sitting just above the shot. my one pump cant keep up with the one geyser output for some odd reason did you guys amp up the geysers? my NG geyser is at about 5k pressure and is feeding those 3 ng gennys has been for almost 80 cycles.EEE8C5579A2B600E7F1FB525961453B7E153005Ais my current state I'm not so worried about it.  will at least shut itself off now.



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I'm using mesh tiles along spill points as dry bridges and as pipes it may be from using mesh as pipes

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One approach that worked for me is to flood the geyser with clean water, just build a basin around it and it'll block itself at some point.

Also: since when do geysers spill polluted water?

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lol that geyser isn't putting out polluted water that p water has been there for a while I let it sit there for the thermal mass. if you do want a geyser to produce p water flood it completely with polluted water will pollute the water as it gushes but needs to be overflowing with polluted956D2F3F1EA4E0740249907ED0F9615C92FA9523its an old shot but I do mean flood it

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